Myochikai — Making the Heart Bloom

Benevolent activities also grow naturally from the lifestyle of "prayer and action" advocated by Myochikai. After four decades of assisting people in need in various ways, in 1990 Rev. Takeyasu Miyamoto established the Arigatou Foundation (now "Arigatou International") as a faith-based NGO dedicated to creating a better environment for children around the world. The activities of Arigatou International are “All for Children,” rooted in Myochikai's recognition that children are the treasure of humanity, the inheritors of the Earth, and the bearers of future peace. Since 1990, many of Myochikai's efforts to build world peace have focused on children. All of Arigatou's efforts are supported by the contributions of Myochikai members, who donate to the work of Arigatou as part of their Buddhist spiritual practice of gratitude.

Myochikai is also active in the area of interreligious cooperation. In the year 2000—the 50th anniversary of Myochikai's founding—Rev. Takeyasu Miyamoto inaugurated the Global Network of Religions for Children. The GNRC now has members around the world and, with the support of Myochikai and Arigatou International, is touching the lives of countless children.

With the support of Myochikai members, Rev. Miyamoto and Arigatou also launched the Interfaith Council on Ethics Education for Children, which, together with UNICEF and UNESCO, produced a seminal curriculum called Learning to Live Together: An Intercultural and Interfaith Program for Ethics Education. It has been translated into many languages and is being used in diverse educational settings around the world.

Myochikai's basic spirit of prayer and action is also being expressed around the world through a global initiative called Prayer and Action for Children, which was launched in 2008 and is supported by UNICEF, Religions for Peace and many others. Today it focuses on stopping violence against children, seeking to extend the impact of Universal Children's Day, November 20, all year round.

In 2012, Myochikai’s heart for the most vulnerable contributed to the launch of the End Child Poverty initiative, which seeks to bring together people of all walks of life in grassroots projects and global advocacy to eliminate the scourge which is child poverty.

Myochikai reached its 65th anniversary in 2015. Over the first 65 years of its journey, Myochikai has witnessed significant growth and brought many initiatives to successful fruition. It has forged effective partnerships for peace with many other organizations—religious, international, governmental, and non-governmental. Now, bringing this rich history into the present, and dedicated as always to the spirit of its founder, Myochikai is more prepared than ever to realize the mission proclaimed by Rev. Mitsu Miyamoto on a global scale.

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